Trademark registration process in Turkey starts with the trademark application to the Turkish Trademark and Patent Office. The institute performs a formal examination on the application within four months, and if finds that there is a missing information in the file, then returns back to the applicant for completing the missing information. The institute gives a two-month time to the applicant for completing the missing information.

After that, the application is published by the institute in all requested classes or partially by eliminating some certain classes. The applicant may raise an objection to this decision.

The trademark is published for two months. During this period, third parties may file their objections regarding the trademark and the trademark holder is entitled to make a defense on this matter. Trademark holder can file an objection maximum for two times in total related to the same decision.

If there is no need to reject the application as a result of objections and defenses, then the acceptance decision for the application is taken within one to two months, and the application is entitled to receive a trademark registration certificate within six to eight months. After this period, the institute issues the certificate within two months following the payment of registration acceptance charges by the trademark holder and delivers it to the applicant or their proxy.

We serve to our clients as Inter Patent Before, during and after this process. 

Our services:

  • Preliminary investigation before the application
  • Preparation of the complete application file
  • Completion of application
  • Monitoring of the process
  • Rejection against the partial publication decisions taken by the institute
  • Defending against the third party opinions and objections
  • Raising objections to the trademark applications similar to the name of the registered trademark holder
  • Notifying the public institute about address changes
  • Carrying out type and title changes for the trademark
  • Trademark assignment application
  • Trademark license application
  • Issuing trademark license agreement
  • Notifying inheritance and transfer registration
  • Monitoring and closing the trademark sales process
  • For the cases taken to lawsuit, representing our clients at the court through our attorney business partners expert in IP matters.