Design registration process in Turkey starts with the design application to the Turkish Trademark and Patent Office. The institute performs a formal examination on the application within two months, and if finds that there is a missing information in the file, then returns back to the applicant for completing the missing information. The institute gives a two-month time to the applicant for completing the missing information.

After this process, the public institute reviews the innovation criterion of the design. In case the public institute decides that the design does not involve innovation, then the applicant may raise an objection to this decision. If the public institute responds negatively to this objection, then the applicant may apply to the court within two months.

If the applicant’s objection results positively, the application is published for the opinions and objections of third parties. The application is published for three months. In case of any objection during the publication period, the applicant may provide their defense within one month. If the public institute rejects the defend and accepts the objection, then the applicant may apply to the court for the public institute’s decision within two months.

The applicant is entitled for the certificate if no objection is raised during the three-month publication period. The institute issues the certificate approximately within two months and delivers it to the applicant or their proxy.

Our services:

  • Preparation of the complete application file
  • Completion of application
  • Monitoring of the process
  • Defending against the third party opinions and objections
  • Raising objections to the design applications similar to the name of the registered design holder
  • Notifying the public institute about address changes
  • Changing the name of design right holder
  • Design assignment application
  • Design license application
  • Issuing design license agreement
  • Notifying inheritance and transfer registration
  • Completion of design sales process
  • For the cases taken to lawsuit, representing our clients at the court through our attorney business partners expert in intellectual property matters.