Other Services

In addition to providing service on trademark, patent and designs, which are the main areas of industrial property, Inter Patent also provides services to its customers in domain search and buying, registration and monitoring of geographical indications, registration and monitoring of integrated circuit topographies, copyrights, registration and monitoring of new plant species, barcode registrations, and intermediation in the sales of trademarks, patents and designs for its clients. Inter Patent also provides services to its clients in legal matters and lawsuit processes through its business partner lawyers expert in intellectual property in case of legal disputes and lawsuits.

In addition to this, Inter Patent provides consultancy services for giving trainings and seminars on intellectual property, carrying out patent-oriented R&D at the companies, and making these rights a value generating income beyond a prestige for the companies.

Our services:

  • Domain search and buying
  • Barcode registrations
  • Registration and post-registration services for integrated circuit topographies
  • Registration of new plant species
  • Copyrights
  • Registration and monitoring of geographical indications
  • Consultancy on the sales of trademarks, patents, designs and other intellectual property rights
  • Carrying out the procedures related to allowing the use of all industrial rights by other persons and establishments through licensing
  • Giving trainings on intellectual property to the businesses
  • Providing consultancy on establishing an infrastructure ensuring R&D departments of the companies carry out patent-oriented works